Furnace Replacement in Welland – From Sales to Installation

Whether your furnace is far past its prime or you’re looking to upgrade to an energy-efficient unit, Eric Gas & Electric can help you every stage of the way, from learning about your options and making your purchase to final installation. There a few common scenarios when replacing your furnace is probably the best option. These include:

  • High energy costs – old furnaces can be incredibly taxing on your energy bill. A replacement can save you money in the long run.
  • Frequent repairs – if your furnace is continuously breaking down, a replacement may be your best option.
  • Old age – if you’ve had a furnace for over 10 years it is likely highly inefficient. A new one may be your best bet to save money.
  • Lack of maintenance – if you have never had maintenance service on your furnace, the warranty is likely void and can lead to significant and costly repairs.

At Eric Gas & Electric, we have a range of furnace replacement options for your house. We pride ourselves on our thorough approach to helping our customers. When you’re looking for a furnace replacement, we will be sure to discuss the different variables that may affect your choice, like:

  • Sound pollution
  • Air cleaning
  • Fuel types
  • British thermal unit (BTU) requirements for your home or business

We understand that furnace replacement is not always a planned situation, and that’s why we offer financing options to suit any budget. Together, we can design a payment plan that works for you, so give Eric Gas & Electric a call today.

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